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Women of Heart Foundation Golden Awards

About the Women of Heart Foundation Golden Awards

Women of Heart Foundation (WOHF) is delighted to announce the inaugural WOHF Golden Awards Ceremony which is taking place in Kenya on Saturday 17th August 2019. Our wonderful local hosts are promising us a glittering and highly enjoyable event which will bring together and celebrate those who contribute to their local community.

The WOHF Golden Awards is a fully international event which will attract attendees and stakeholders from all around the world. The awards have been established to recognise those truly inspirational women champions who have made outstanding contributions in their local communities in Kenya. We believe that they deserve to be celebrated for their amazing levels of service and unstinting commitment to help others.

We like to consider the WOHF Golden Awards to be the daughter of our high profile Women of Heart Awards London which brings together a diverse and powerful group of influential stakeholders and celebrities to celebrate the many wonderful contributions that women have made in order to change our world for the better.

The chief organiser of our prestigious WOHF Golden Awards event is Rebecca Ondiek, the Founder and Director of The Armstrong Women Empowerment Centre which is based in Rabuor, a small village in Kenya. Rebecca is one of our most important ambassadors for WOHF and has a long heritage in community and voluntary work, and supporting young people (and especially women) to acquire vital skills in income generating activities. We would like to thank her for her fantastic work bringing the WOHF Golden Awards to fruition and for going above and beyond to recognise the contribution of women in her local community.

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Categories & Nominations

The amazing and inspiring nominees for our WOHF Golden Awards are chosen by a carefully selected panel of ambassadors who have direct knowledge and understanding of the work carried out in local communities in Kenya.

A priority for the WOHF Golden Awards is to reach out to those women who may be unrecognised and undervalued and to say a huge THANK YOU for all of their hard work, sustained effort and the many contributions they have made – from the simplest of stories to the most powerful and influential of impacts.

The categories of the WOHF Golden Awards recognise a number of important contributions including hard work, empowerment, influence, demonstrable leadership and the championing of great causes in the fields of humanitarian work, philanthropy, volunteering, community work and activism and charitable work.

Our chief guest of honour at the ceremony is Nereah Amondi Oketch who was the winner of the ‘Ms President’ Reality show which aired on KTN Home.



Our Award Winners

The winners of this year’s WOHF Golden Awards have now been announced.

Please join us to celebrate their contributions and achievements at our ceremony on 17th August, which is guaranteed to be a highly popular event.

We would like to congratulate our winners:

  • Florence Otieno Gundo
  • Carol Odera
  • Mary Aoko Onyango
  • Benter Ger
  • Winnie Anyango
  • Mercy Odondo
  • Caren Kiarie Omanga
  • Rose Oyoo
  • Ester Achieng Okech 
  • Akinyi Awora

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