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Encouraging people to volunteer and promoting awareness of volunteering opportunities, are at the heart of what we do.

We organise our own programmes and also work with other charity partners to encourage people to become volunteers and to support their local communities.

To further our work we are dedicated to bringing together a dynamic and diverse group of women from around the world, who make a difference and who use their talents for fundraising and to encourage others to get involved with volunteering.

Charitable help from Women of Heart

Supporting communities

One of our main objectives at Women of Heart Foundation is to help people advance in life, and we have a particular focus on those individuals who may be excluded from the best opportunities through youth, old age, illness, disability or through challenging socio-economic circumstances.

We provide community support, bespoke events and programmes of physical, educational, recreational and leisure time activities to bring about improvements in people’s lives and to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities. Our ultimate aim is to enable everyone to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

The Women of Heart Awards from Women of Heart

Women of Heart Awards

The culmination of our work every year is the Women of Heart Awards – our annual Black Tie Awards Ceremony, Charity Concert and Dinner Gala Ball which is a joyful celebration of women and their excellence, allowing them to showcase their talents and to raise funds to support wellbeing.

The awards say ‘Thank you’ and recognise women who have made a contribution and had a major impact on their communities and society at large by developing opportunities for young girls, children and women.

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