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How You Can Help

We value your support

We are entirely reliant on the goodwill of our supporters to continue our important work, and Women of Heart Foundation would not exist without the very generous donations of practical items, time and money which we regularly receive.

Funding our work is always a challenge so we rely on contributions to help make our life-changing activities a reality.

There are many ways in which you can help. 


Financial Support

We welcome financial contributions which we use for the following initiatives:

As part of our Emotional and Wellbeing Hygiene Campaign we provide sanitary items and toiletries to help support girls and women’s self care where they don’t have access to these resources
Community events and resources – We need support to fund specific programmes or projects
Workshops and seminars – financial assistance helps us to meet the cost of these events
Practical expenses to run our organisation – help with travel and other expenses for our volunteers and ambassadors
Promotional items – e.g. t-shirts, which we produce to publicise our work and sell to raise further funds
Sponsorship - our annual programme of events offers lots of opportunities for sponsorship. Some of the available options are:

  • Women of Heart Foundation Magazine
  • Women of Heart Awards
  • Women of Heart Conferences (and workshops)
  • Women of Heart Foundation Golden Awards for community leaders and volunteers

Support for our events – Help us to cover the major practical costs involved for such aspects as the venue, production, decoration and setting, artists, DJ, musicians, performers and sound, meaning that more of the funds that we raise can go into supporting our very important work overseas.

If you can help to support our important work - please make a donation today


Donate Your Time

Ambassadors and volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation.

Women of Heart Foundation Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors spread the word about what we do and promote our values on a global basis. Ours is an important worldwide initiative which is designed to support and empower women around the world and our ambassadors are eligible to be nominated for our esteemed Women of Heart Awards.

Women of Heart Foundation Volunteers

We encourage people to join our team as a volunteer. There are lots of great ways to get involved in what we do – by taking part in our conferences and workshops, helping to spread the word or managing programmes and initiatives. All of our volunteers get a profound feeling of satisfaction from making a positive contribution, as well as the opportunity to develop their own skills and experience to benefit them in future careers.

We also seek volunteer women performers who help raise funds by performing at our events.


Support our educational initiatives

Education and empowerment are at the heart of what we do, so we are constantly on the lookout for support with our educational programmes.

Part of our work involves the distribution of educational/classroom supplies such as books, learning materials and notebooks and stationery, so we are in need of financial support to fund this, as well as practical donations of educational supplies. We also support children to gain an education in parts of the world where school needs to be paid for – so you can help by paying tuition fees.

Our workshops and conferences also inspire and educate, and encourage young girls and women to achieve incredible things by learning new skills which take them to the next level.

Please donate to Women of Heart Foundation today – or contact us for further information about our work