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A Warm Welcome to Women of Heart Foundation

We are a not for profit, charitable organisation, based in the UK and working worldwide, which was established to support women and children in a variety of focused ways.

Specifically, we inspire people to get involved and to give up their time to volunteer, and we also promote, educate, empower, and raise funds for women and children here in the UK, as well as in underprivileged and remote countries around the world

Our background

Women of Heart Foundation was established by Desziree Richardson, who has a passion for caring and helping humanity. Desziree was determined to build a global organisation which is committed to serving  the different communities that it supports – wherever they may be in the world. 

The slogan of Women of Heart Foundation is: 

‘Choose love, love more’ 

Who we work with

Our stakeholders are mainly funders, businesses and members of the general public, and Women of Heart Foundation operates locally and nationally in the UK as well as worldwide – wherever our help is needed. 

Our aim and objectives

We have a number of important objectives:

  • To help people advance in life – particularly those who face difficulty through youth, old age, infirmity, disability or through difficult socio-economic circumstances.  We have a special interest in supporting women, single mothers, young girls, orphans, and vulnerable children for whom we provide programmes of physical, educational, recreational and leisure time activities. These are designed to improve their lives, develop their skills and capabilities and to enable them to participate in society as responsible individuals.

  • To work with women of all ages in different countries to help them to explore their potential and develop new skills. We provide fantastic volunteering opportunities to enable women to use their time effectively to make a difference in the lives others.

  • We also understand the power of volunteering so we work closely with other charity partners to increase awareness to potential volunteers internationally.

  • To bring together a dynamic and diverse group of both well known and undiscovered women from around the world who will use their talents for fundraising events to encourage volunteering. 

Women of Heart Awards

A very important and powerful part of our work is the annual Women of Heart Awards.

This annual event aims to bring together influential and powerful women from throughout the UK and abroad for an enlightening evening of excellence and celebration.

The awards recognise the positive and far-reaching impact that selected women’s work has had in their local communities – in both the public and private sectors.


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