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Women of Heart Conference

Our Annual Conference

Alongside our very important Women of Heart Awards, another highlight of the work that we do is our Women of Heart Conference.

Our annual conference and series of international workshops bring together all of the different strands of our work, and provide a central and coordinated gathering for the Women of Heart Foundation’s most important stakeholders. We want to provide an opportunity to come together, to share experiences, to develop strategy and to reflect on the work that we have completed.

The Women of Heart Conference is also a decision-making body where we decide which initiatives we should be focused-on over the forthcoming year.


Women of Heart Conference – the objectives

The Women of Heart Conference aims to help individuals gain control over their own lives and make a positive contribution to their communities and to society as a whole.

Our annual conference programme is a platform which empowers women and girls by equipping them with the tools and skills that they need to contribute and to make a difference in their own and others’ lives and to identity and then act on those issues which are important to their wellbeing.

Our Conference and series of workshops provide people with an arena which has many benefits and allow them to:

  • Share their valuable experiences
  • Work with a range of people who have different experiences
  • Feel a stronger sense of who they are, to understand their worth and boost their confidence 
  • Develop the skills which will improve their life journey
  • Devise the right solutions and make important decisions in their lives
  • Become empowered, making them more productive in their own lives and communities


The Women of Heart Conference Format

We invite a wide range of experts and stakeholders to take part in our inspirational conferences, including speakers from all around the world. We also provide opportunities for everyday people to share inspiring experiences, stories or messages with our gathered guests.

Our conference format includes a range of workshops and small events which are specifically designed to promote and encourage creativity and to foster talent in a number of important creative areas including arts and crafts. We like to encourage the performing arts so opportunities for performances are always included. We also run a series of female empowerment workshops to find ways to empower women.

When do our conference and workshops take place?

We run our conference every year as well as a series of workshops in different locations around the world where we recognise there to be a need. We prioritise those areas where girls and women experience few opportunities and are most likely to need our collaborative support.

To find out more about our Women of Heart Conferences – get in touch with us today