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Women of Heart Awards

What are the Women of Heart Awards?

A key event in the Women of Heart Foundation calendar is our unique Women of Heart Awards, which celebrate and recognise the hard work and the contribution that 50 individual women have made within their local communities over the year.

The event includes a Black Tie Awards Ceremony, a Dinner Gala Ball and a major and high profile charity concert.

Our awards are focused on amazing and inspirational women who go above and beyond in their efforts to help others. The recipients come from a variety of backgrounds including leaders, ambassadors, and those who are prominent in the fields of charity and volunteering, as well as recognised role models, celebrities and influential professionals and commercial business people.


Who receives our awards?

The people who we celebrate can be individual women who have made a difference, women who work for other charities or those who have made notable charitable donations to support those who are in need.

The most important factor is that every person who receives a Woman of Heart Award must have made a positive and measurable difference to individual communities and/or to society as a whole.

In the past we have recognised women who have done the following:

  • Championed important causes
  • Raised money for a range of issues from education to social care
  • Enhanced the profile of women in their communities and inspired them to bigger and better things
  • Encouraged the wellbeing and personal development of others 

We believe in celebrating those women who do not usually receive recognition and thanks, which is why we are extremely proud to honour them with our Women of Heart Awards.


The objectives of our awards

At Women of Heart Foundation our objective is to help less privileged people from countries around the world to meet their full potential and the Women of Heart Awards is one of the ways that we encourage this.

Bringing together a wonderful selection of women – the main objectives of the awards are to:

  • Unite, empower and celebrate powerful and influential women from across the globe
  • Raise funds to support and promote the wellbeing of women and children in poor, remote countries
  • Develop opportunities for women and celebrate success
  • Entertain with a wonderful evening. We bring together a dynamic and diverse group of young and older women who perform a variety of acts onstage. Some are well known and some are less-so, but we select them to celebrate their talents and also to put on a great show  
  • Motivate and empower with a series of  speeches which allow women’s voices to be heard
  • Learn from each other’s experiences and to foster new relationships


Why are the Women of Heart Awards so important?

At Women of Heart Foundation we undertake many important activities as part of our work around the world.

The annual Women of Heart Awards is a key feature of our efforts to make a difference.

Our awards promote and reward, recognise, celebrate, entertain, educate, encourage, empower and help us to raise funds to support our projects. These funds are reinvested to help less privileged women and children to achieve their goals – with the aim that they will be the award winners of the future.

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